Bachelorette Weekend: Hula Party

18 September 2014

After her jam-packed morning with the girls, Nicole expected to come home for lunch with the 5 of us but she arrived home to a big
Fourteen of her closest friends dressed and ready to hula in the driveway - after a few tears and overwhelmed and shocked expressions, we got her dressed (wig and all) and started our party.

We chose a hula/pool party theme as a day in the sun is exactly what she enjoys. All the girls wore their own Summer outfits with necklaces and head pieces of flowers. Each girl received a favour pack with a beach towel, sippy cup, funky glasses and flowers. We relaxed in the sun, drank Pimm's and vodka jelly shots, ate fruity cupcakes and a burger bar and played some fun games (Q&A with the bride and groom and pin the body part on the groom!)

Lots and lots of fun for our special bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Weekend: Bridesmaids

17 September 2014

This past weekend, we spent the weekend celebrating my MOH - 
Nicole's Bachelorette Weekend.
Nicole has 7 bridesmaids - one in Australia, one in London, one in Johannesburg and four of us in Durban. Unfortunately, the three ladies from afar couldn't join us but we will more than make up for it at the wedding and have been involved in all the planning.

Nicole is not your average shooter-drinking, stripper-watching, all-night-partying type of girl so we decided to do something a little different. And it was all a surprise!

The 4 of us 'hijacked' Nicole from school (she is a teacher) on Friday afternoon armed with flowers and champagne for our bride-to-be.  We raced home to pack her bag and then headed down the South Coast to a friends beach cottage for the weekend. Us girls spent a quiet night in with a girly dinner and Scrabble in our pj's.

The next morning we lay by the pool, and two of the BM's took Nicole to the beach, for dress up fun at the local clothing store and a pancake whilst us other two set up the house for a pool party.
Another post to follow

Big City Lights...

11 September 2014

via Pinterest
Can you even believe that picture?
Definitely a concrete jungle... and my favourite city in the world!!!

Next stop is - NEW YORK

Do you have any recommendations?
Places to eat?
Sport to watch?
Sights to see?
Shops to visit?
Shows to watch?

Help a girl out

These boots are made for walking...

08 September 2014

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So the secret is out, in a few short weeks (seven to be exact!), MC and I are leaving on a jet plane and we are making our way to the big, grand US of A. My SIL is running the New York marathon so we have decided to go and support her and make a holiday out of it - just the two of us (with no kiddies!) And I am so excited...

Our itinerary looks like this:
Houston, Texas - for 3 days (my cowboy has to show me around and he may work a bit too)
New York - for 7 days (sightseeing, shopping and marathon supporting)
London - for 3 days (meeting our new niece/nephew and attend a friends wedding)


So now, I need your help:
Who is in Texas to say hi to?
Any recommendations for new tourists - 
Where and what to eat?
Where to shop?
Favourite honky tonks?
Interesting places to visit?

49 Skills for a Richer Life

05 September 2014

49 Skills for a Richer Life by Amber Thomas

Last week, one of my best blogging friends, Amber from Mr Thomas And Me wrote a post on the 49 Skills for a Richer Life. I loved her list so much that I decided to share it with you, along with how well I am doing in gaining this said richness...

1. Establish and maintain a budget. First one and I have failed. My poor husband has begged and pleaded that I get a budget drawn up but to no avail... It's on my to do list.
2. Manage a schedule. I'm pretty good at this.
3. Throw an awesome bash. I've thrown a few and hope to throw many more. 
4. Discover your drink of choice. Champagne (preferably pink) - a true lady or a vodka mix.
5. How to turn a house into your home. I'd like to call our house a home for many reasons, not just because our name is on the Title Deeds.
6. Graciously accept a compliment. A simple thank you is how I do it.
7. Use tools - hand, power or otherwise - unsupervised. I've tried but I'm not very good.
8. Learn to drive a stick shift/manual. My first three cars were manuals - I've only had the luxury of an automatic in the last three years.
9. Sew on a button or close a split seam. I can sew a button if I really tried but I can't promise it will stay on!
10. Use a lawnmower. I've never tried but I'm sure I could.
11. Learn to cook. I can.
12. Navigate using a map. I could use a paper map, if I knew where to find one.
13. Develop your knife-skills. I can only cut using the basics.
14. Start a fire without gas or a lighter fluid. I'm proud to say I have done so on a girls weekend away - good old wood, paper and a match.
15. Remove a stain from your favourite shirt or pants or dress. I have a few times - thanks to some good old school remedies.
16. Hold your own in the face of a boisterous person. I am usually the boisterous one so I can definitely hold my own.
17. Check a car's oil and fill it as needed. I wouldn't know where to start?
18. Diffuse a tense situation. I have, a few times. 
19. Operate a barbecue/braai. I can indeed.
20. Play a hand of gin. Absolutely cannot but I can play other card games?
21. Ask for help. I often do.
22. Learn to bait a hook, cast a line, and let off a fish. I have done so before but not without a little guidance.
23. Address an issue with a coworker, family member, friend, honestly and humbly. A few times, and very proud of myself.
24. Plunge a toilet. Yuk but I've done it.
25. Open a bottle of wine (with class). I'm not a wine drinker so I'm not very good at this.
26. Make a good first impression. I hope I have.
27. Negotiate a better price. Only in the markets in Bangkok - I am terrible at this!
28. Define what success is for you. It's always changing...
29. Shop entirely from the golden horseshoe at the grocery store. Golden horseshoe?
30. Learn. Daily.
31. Knowledge of basic first aid. Ashamed to say that I know the basics but not an official course.
32. How to look natural in a picture. I think so...
33. Enjoy reading and talking about (at least) a handful of novels. Done!
34. Throw a football, baseball or basketball in a formidable way. I'm not bad with balls.
35. Know your limits. Most of the time.
36. Confidently parallel park a car. Indeed I can, and proud to say so.
37. Draft a formal letter, cover letter and resume. I can and have done.
38. Apologise genuinely. I have, many a time.
39. Have a general knowledge of US/SA geography. I do.
40. Understand the world of finance in general, know your finances specifically. I know my finances but not the general world of finance. I'm not a numbers girl.
41. Find an exercise routine that is enjoyable and sustainable. I have a few, I just have to stick to them!
42. How to iron a shirt. I can but I hate it!
43. Say no without guilt or anger. This is a tough one and I'm always trying.
44. Hold a baby. My own two angels.
45. Negotiate a salary, a raise or a promotion. I have but I hate doing it, confrontation is not my thing.
46. Speak comfortably (or at least appear to be comfortable) in front of a group. A relatively small group and I'm okay, not a huge room of people.
47. Find a charity/church/organisation who's cause you support financially or with time or both. Gozololo is close to my heart.
48. Discover the best way for you to get a good nights sleep. I have this perfected, I love my sleep!
49. Form educated opinions and respectfully share them. I like to think I do.

I don't know about you but that is one of the best lists I've ever read!! And I've still got a lot to learn!
How do you fair with those life skills?

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