Blogtober14: Facts about Me

30 October 2014

Facts about Me

Yes, that's a little me and my uncle - SJ is my twin!! 

I've written a few random posts with facts about me so these are just a few more:

MC and I have been together for 8 years
Married for 4 years
We dated long distance for 4 years
I was an only child for 15 years and now have a half sister
My parents are divorced
My parents worked full time so my grandparents raised me
Most of my best friends have been brunettes
I attended an all girls school for all 12 years
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree
I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education
I had severe morning sickness in both pregnancies
I had two emergency c-sections
I always imagined myself as a "boy mom" and I now have two girls
I drive a black Audi Q5
I attend a book club and a wine club every month
I love hosting and planning parties
I designed our dream home
I was also the project manager on the building of our home
I wear contact lenses
I have one birth mark on my right ankle
I do not have my tonsils
I do not have my wisdom teeth
I do not have my appendix
I cracked my head open in Grade 8
I am OCD and love making lists
I am an Apple fan 
I love the colours coral and gold

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EN - 5 months

29 October 2014

Month 5

Weight: 7,4kgs

Height: 64cm

Clothing size: 3-6 months (although those are starting to get pretty tight!)

Diaper size: Size 2 but moving to size 3

Feeding: A 210ml bottle every 3 hours (7am, 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm and 6pm) and we added rice cereal at the 7am feed. Little Ellie loved the cereal - first experimenting with it and now enjoying it and swallowing it.

Sleep: Through the night from 7pm - 7am (still the odd dummy run though).

Milestones: She plays constantly with rattles and other toys, she is slowly starting to reach our for toys (a little behind with this), she puts everything in her mouth and has started responding to other people other than MC and I. She smiles at the mirror and is sitting with support (she has also sat for a few seconds with no support)>

Loves: Her big sister, mommy and daddy, Gogo, being tickled, bath time, cereal and toys.

Dislikes: Being hungry, being cold and any loud, unfamiliar environments!

Adventures: Mom enjoyed a hens weekend away so Ellie spent all weekend with Daddy and big sister SJ. She also spent 4 days at the farm for Gregg and Nicole's wedding.

Mommy and Daddy could not live without: Her dummy - this is something new to us as SJ ditched her dummy (paci) at 2 months and has never had one since. Ellie loves her dummy and it really soothes her - it has been a great way to get her to settle when she cries and to give to her at night when she wakes.

See SJ's Month 5 here

*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Bron from Vanilla Photography

Blogtober14: Most embarrassing moment

Most embarrassing moment

I don't really have any really embarrassing moments but one moment popped into my head - it's not all that embarrassing (although it probably should be!) but it is hilariously funny...

For our wedding, we decided that my Step-Dad would walk me down the aisle, my Dad would say a speech and my FIL would dance with me for the Father/Daughter dance. 

My FIL is a great musician and he loves to dance so as an impromptu dance, he whisked me on to the dance floor to Michael Buble's "I've Got The World on a String". We laughed and danced and twirled around the dance floor - loving every minute until... Dad went in for the dip and DROPPED ME!

Haha, just imagine me falling to the floor, very graciously in my white wedding dress but flat on my back and Dad tumble turning over me. We were in hysterics! And our videographer caught in on camera - priceless moment!

No photo of our dance but this is Dad and singing and dancing to "All the Single Ladies" together

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Blogtober14: Things you are supertstitious about

28 October 2014

Things you are superstitious about

The time 12:34
Walking under ladders
Cracking mirrors
Opening umbrellas inside
Walking on cracks 
Bride and Groom not to see each other night before the wedding
Buttons/numbers being on even numbers only

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Blogtober14: A letter to your younger self

27 October 2014

A letter to your younger self

Dear Younger CJ,

At the sweet age of sixteen, you think you know everything. You are a new person with your braces off, flashing your pearly whites, hitting the nite club scene and starting to seriously take an interest in boys. But you really are so young and naive, yet confident and independent too.

Looking back, you have done pretty well. You made some good, wise decisions and you chose a good path and journey in life. But there are always ways to improve and always things you could do differently so here it goes...

Stay focused. There is so much going on in your life: school, academics, sports, cultural, friends, boys, health and beauty. Try and prioritise it all and stay organised. It will only help you juggle all these balls in life.

Have fun. Boys are just as much fun as boys but don't make anything serious. Enjoy guys as friends and enjoy your big social circle. Kiss a few frogs but just have fun. Enjoy this social time - rugby, movies, sweet 16 parties, nite clubs - enjoy it all and don't tie yourself down. There are so many more years for that, and you don't want to look back one day and regret missing out because you tied yourself down with a serious boyfriend.

Let go. You are a special and very giving friend to many. Don't waste your time and energy (and tears) on girls that don't want to be a part of your life. You don't need them, and you don't need to please everyone either. Have fun with those that want to be in your life.

Keep playing sport. It is so easy at school to have sport practice or matches every day, and to be keeping fit. But don't stop when you finish school. Keep gyming, keep training and keep fit - it will only help later on in life.

Go to university away from home. You will spread your wings and fly, you will gain independence, you will be able to live away from home, you will make new friends and you will have lots of fun! You won't regret it.

Well done again, you are a good kid!

Love Older CJ

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