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EN - Month 2

23 July 2014

Month 2:

Weight: 4kgs

Height: 52cm

Clothing size: Finally fitting into newborn clothing

Diaper size: Size 1 

Feeding: 120mls (every 3 hours) We are following a daily schedule of 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and demand feeding at night - she is waking once a night at 2am to feed.

Sleep: She is sleepign well during the day, after each feed. And she is sleeping from 7pm - 2am, has a feed and then 3am - 6am. 

Milestones: She is doing really well - she focuses her eyes and follows objects. She responds to noise and has a partial head lag. She is desperately trying to smile and coo.

Loves: She loves her pink cherry dummy and refuses any other. She adores her big sister and can just stare and smile at her. She now loves her bath too.

Dislikes: Just like her big sister, she seems happy and content at most things. She isn't a fan of a moving car stopping - traffic lights and stop streets are not her thing!

Adventures: Still no big adventures for our little tot but there are a few planned soon so watch this space! She spent her first morning alone with Nana and was such a good girl.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: An angel big sister in SJ. We are so grateful that she has taken to being a big sister so well - she is so loving and gentle with her baby sister, always wanting and willing to help. She has shown no signs of jealousy or being possessive and demanding. We are so proud of her.

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*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*

EN - Month 1

19 June 2014

Our little serious girl...

Month 1:

Weight: 3.1kgs

Height: 47cm

Clothing size: Tiny Baby and Prem Baby (newborn is still too big)

Diaper size: Size O 

Feeding: 90mls (every 3 hours) We are following a daily schedule of 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and demand feeding at night.

Sleep: Relatively well considering she is a newborn and perm baby. We have had some bad nights where she wakes every 3 hours and struggles to go back down for an hour or two, and we have had some great nights when she has slept 9 hours (from 7pm - 4am). 

Milestones: She seems to be reaching her milestones on schedule - which is a good sign as the pard warned that she would only reach milestones according to her due date. She has started to focus on people (especially mom and dad), she recognises mommy and she is desperately trying to smile - love the way the ends of her mouth turn up slightly and she smiles with her eyes.

Loves: She loves being cuddled and held, she loves being soothed by mom or dad and she is loving her little cherry dummy.

Dislikes: There doesn't seem to be too much that she doesn't like - maybe just being hungry or cold.

Adventures: Mom and Dad haven't been too adventurous this month as having two kiddies is a little more restricting than one. We have had many local outings - for meals and the shops and play dates but no sleeping out just yet. We did have one night off for date night so Nana and Aunty Debs got a chance to babysit for a few hours.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: My amazing MIL (aka Super Mom and Super Nan) As mentioned in my previous post, she has been the biggest help this past month. She has given unconditional love and support. She has cooked and cleaned, She has fetched and carried SJ, had her at her house every afternoon and some evenings. She has done our washing and ironing. She has driven me around. She has slept over when MC has been away from home. She has done EVERYTHING and more for us - and never once complained or said no. We also couldn't live without our postnatal clinic nurse, Doreen and our paediatrician, Dr Roos. They have given valuable advice on expectations and differences when having a premature baby as well as assuring us that all is going well in this first month. 

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*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Bron from Vanilla Photography*

Father's Day

18 June 2014

via Pinterest

Fathers Day this year was a little bittersweet for me. And it's quite difficult to explain why... All the wishes and posts, cute photos and dedications on social media were both heart warming but heart breaking too.

MC and I had a long and difficult night on Saturday so my ideal plans of making him breakfast in bed and showering him with love and affection all day didn't just work out. We gave him his presents and enjoyed a family lunch together but it wasn't enough of a celebration of the amazing father that he is. Our girls are too young to realise how lucky and truly blessed they are to have a daddy just like him. He thinks of them every second of the day and he devotes his whole life to them. He puts them first, no matter what and he is constantly trying to make life so wonderful and perfect for them. He spends all his spare time with them - making them laugh and doting on them. He is calm and gentle yet he is strict and keeps them well disciplined. He is up with them at night and early mornings, he is by their side through being sick, being sad or being scared. He teaches them so much about ABC, 123 and all about life too. But more than anything, he loves them and he is always there for them. And I know this is forever.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous of of my girls. Jealous of the amazing dad that they have and the bond that they already share with them. Don't get me wrong, I have a dad and a step dad and they have both been present throughout my life. But as lucky as I was to have these two men in my life and all that they did for me - a dad like MC is hard to find. He is as close to perfect as you can get. He is the dad I wish I had had. A dad that we all dream about.

My dream dad would have done all of the below for me...

A dad to call daddy when you are 5, 15, 25, 35 and even 55 years old.
A dad who stayed up all night with me when I had a wind, needed to be fed or just to be held.
A dad who changed my nappies.
A dad who calmed me when I cried.
A dad who was always present.
A dad who taught me my ABC and 123.
A dad who would drive me to and from school.
A dad who taught me manners, morals and values. 
A dad who would get involved, with everything.
A dad who would cuddle me at night when I was scared.
A dad who would teach me to ride a bicycle.
A dad who would attend all my sports matches, drama recitals and prize givings.
A dad who would take me on holidays and weekend getaways.
A dad who would encourage the outdoors and fitness. 
A dad who would take me camping, just the two of us.
A dad who would cook healthy meals for me. 
A dad who would leave love notes in my lunch box.
A dad who would help me study for exams and keep me motivated.
A dad who would reward my hard work and effort.
A dad who would spoil me on special occasions.
A dad who would wipe away the tears when a friend hurt me or my first boyfriend broke my heart.
A dad who would teach me to drive a car and would help me choose my first car.
A dad who would attend my university graduation.
A dad who would help me write my CV, prepare for my first interview and help me find my first job.
A dad who would encourage and help me find my first home.
A dad who would be delighted when a man loved me enough to ask for my hand in marriage.
A dad who would do everything in his might to help finance my dream wedding.
A dad who would have that look and tear in his eye when first seeing me in my wedding dress.
A dad who would be so proud to walk me down the aisle, give me away, say a speech about me and dance with me at my wedding.
A dad who would treat my husband as his own son.
A dad who would be the best grandfather.
A dad who loved my mom unconditionally.
A dad who would be my first love, the first man in my life.
A dad who was present, every day of my life.

This is the dad I know MC will be to our girls and I am so grateful for this.
Do you have this dad?

Birth Story: Ellie Nicole

09 June 2014

9 June 2014. Today would have been my due date.
We didn't ever expect to meet our second born today as we were told in my second trimester that a VBAC was not a possibility due to previous complications so we expected to book our c-section a little earlier. 27 May 2014 to be exact. But our little tot had other plans…

Let's start at the VERY beginning…
On Monday, 5 May I was 35 weeks pregnant and MC left on a business trip to the DRC. On Tuesday, 6 May I went for my 35 week scan check up and all was good and normal - baby was bouncing around, my BP was high but stable and my cervix was closed. Nothing happening. So we booked my c-section for Tuesday 27 May and one final check up for Monday 19 May. I called MC to let him know that all was fine and healthy and we would be meeting our new addition in three weeks time.

I went for dinner with a friend and went home to bed. At 11pm, I woke up with a spasm pain in my stomach - a sore pain but one that I could breath through and went back to sleep. The pain didn't ease and each trip to the loo was uncomfortable but without a contracting feeling, there was no need to be alarmed. 

I woke up on Wednesday morning, 7 May with this same pain. The best way to describe the pain would be one intense contraction that had pulled in but never released. A pain that allowed me to walk, breath and move but did not ease so a constant pain. I visited my in laws and watching me struggle to walk and sit and lift SJ, they suggested I call my doctor. But being a national holiday for our annual election voting, I didn't want to bother him. I promised to go home and nap with SJ. On my drive home, I struggled to move much in the car and the speed bumps in our road were a killer to drive over. Once home, MC called to say he was leaving the DRC and he was not happy with my pain (but still no alarm bells as there were no contractions!) He urged me to call the doctor and put his mind at ease. So I did… My gynae wash;t sure about this pain and agreed to take a look, just to be sure.

I got my MIL to drive me to the hospital as my previous driving experience was too painful. At the doctors rooms, my gynae did a full check up - baby bouncing around my tummy and cervix still closed but my uterus was very tight and contracted. I was admitted for a cortisone injection (to help ease the pain as well as help baby's lungs if any labour should start) and I had to have another 12 hours later. After a while, the pain had not eased so I was given a methadone injection for pain. Unfortunately this didn't help either. I  was hooked up to the foetal monitor only for this to show that 'under' my intense pain, I was contracting, and in labour. With more prodding and poking and feeling of my uterus, my gynae discovered that my uterus had started thinning and in time, would rupture and not be safe for me or the baby. 

So he made the call, a c-section within the hour. 
With my husband in the air, still flying home (he had now landed in Johannesburg which is a 50 minute flight and 15 minute drive from the hospital but he was able to chat to us on the phone and know what was going on). And my FIL standing at my bedside wiping away my tears but promising to stay by my side.

Yes, you read right. My FIL scrubbed up and came into theatre with me - to be my hand to hold, my pillar of strength and support, my videographer and the man at my side. An incredible replacement for my MC. And a a truly amazing experience for a grandpa.

The medical team was called, gynae and FIL scrubbed up and into theatre we went. There were four attempts at getting my spinal block in - my body struggling to accept it and go numb. But eventually my lower half went numb, my body wiped down and the incision made - all with Dad videoing so MC wouldn't miss the birth, his stomach turning as he is usually very squeamish but the tears flowing as soon as his second grandchild entered the world. And after some serious cutting and slicing and tugging, our second precious princess was born - Ellie Nicole Rosenberg arrived at 20h48 weighing 2,8kgs (a very good weight for premature baby born at 35 weeks!) 

While I was being stitched up and lay in recovery, little Ellie was wheeled out to the nursery and to see her daddy for the first time. Unfortunately, her breathing started to increase too quickly, and she was placed on oxygen in the Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) for a few hours. With me in recovery and her being premature, a feeding tube was placed in her nose and she was fed formula. As a c-section patient, I was unable to walk until the next morning so I spent the first night as a very sad and lonely mom without my baby girl. Although there was no better feeling than being wheeled out of recovery to the sight of my gorgeous but very emotional baby daddy. I won't lie, I missed having him by my side but we have a great story to share and God had a plan for us all that evening, we have to have faith in believing it. 

We spent the next week in the NICU with our little treasure as she slowly built up her digestive system and started feeding really well. She spent four days on the feeding tube and then we slowly introduced and encouraged the breast feeding. Once she had latched and had fed on me for a full 24 hours, we were allowed to bundle her up (in the biggest, tiny baby outfit) and bring her home. 

As per my last surgery and c-section, I have recovered really well again. I have had no pain or discomfort and haven't had to be on any pain medication. Little Ellie has carried on feeding really well and has established a good feeding schedule and sleep routine. She gained weight so well each week and reached her birth weight within ten days of being home. Our little premmie is a true blessing, so eager to come out to meet the world and living proof that dynamite comes in small, teeny, tiny packages. 
Our little fighter.

Have you written a birth story? Did you have the birth you wanted? Anyone else go into early labour and have a premature baby? Please share your stories.

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Ellie Nicole Rosenberg

15 May 2014

Look who surprised us last week…
Ellie Nicole Rosenberg
7 May 2014

Our precious little bundle decided that last week (5 weeks early) was a good time to surprise us with her arrival into the world. We are so excited to add another precious princess to our family.

Summer Holiday: Mauritius 2014

12 February 2014

It may have been a whole month ago already, but on many a day I find myself dreaming of sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans, burning sunshine, buffet meals, ice cold cocktails and sweet memories with our little family of 3,5 and I can only smile at the thought of our recent summer holiday in Mauritius. 

Last year, MC and I made the impulsive decision to book a summer holiday for the "3 of us". Little did we know that this would be our first and last holiday, as just the 3 of us (and technically our little baby bump was with us anyway!) But looking back, a weeks break with our little SJ is exactly what we all needed - a long and hectic year of work, social engagements, moving and always being around others. 

Mauritius is a quick 4 hour plane ride from Durban and there are so many beautiful hotels and resorts to choose from. Obviously traveling with SJ meant a more child-friendly and less luxurious approach and Long Beach turned out to be a great choice - SJ enjoyed their buffet meals every day, an unbelievable kids club and trustworthy babysitters as well as a flat and shallow beach and heated, shallow pool to enjoy in the sun. 

A fun but laid back and very easy travel destination, as well as pure paradise for these parents - Mauritius, we will be back!

Just a few pics from our trip…

Family Shoot

06 February 2014

Once again, Heather Fitchet worked her magic by stopping by our new home in the middle of the festive break to shoot MC's side of the family. It has been years since we have all been together for a holiday, and we haven't ever had professional photos so this was a once in a lifetime chance. 

As you can tell by the photos, little SJ stole the show - and we are so glad we got to share and capture these special memories together.

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